Laboratory Grown Diamond (LGD) is a diamond which is not mined yet it has been processed with technology by using all those elements of mined diamond, including a use of pure Carbon is LGD. Be that a technique of high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) or Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or else technique which may developed in future technology!

LAB-GROWN is the country’s most comprehensive representation of the various industry constituents and the entire value chain, from retail to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, allied, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, machinery, knowledge & technology, etc.
The association is unbiased, non-political, industry friendly and based on the common objectives of its members aimed at promoting and progressing the industry as an international major.
LAB-GROWN lead trade delegations and become a part of leading international gem and jewellery shows at the most competitive prices. LAB-GROWN’s collaboration with organizers of leading global gem and jewellery events and exhibition will ensure smooth entry of LAB-GROWN member cardholders to these exhibitions with minimal registration formalities.
Our dynamic programmes and initiatives are designed to ensure business optimization through valuable exchange of information and concepts, networking opportunities and business best practices allowing members to consistently remain on their growth trajectory and set new benchmarks and higher standards in terms of the products and services they offer.
A membership with LAB-GROWN allows you to extend your reach across business segments, explore and establish mutually beneficial relationships and even more importantly; it allows you to be a part of a fraternity that is being reckoned as a force majeure for the gem and jewellery industry segment in the country as well as globally.
LAB-GROWN maintains a keen insight into the changing policies and market conditions worldwide, with a focus on developing solutions and plans to address the various issues related to the gem and jewellery community; protecting the industry’s interests against socio-economic downturns & conditions.
Be part of trade meets, programmes and annual conventions that encourage exposure to new ideas, trends, policies and trade related development.
Information is key. Obtain industry reports as reference guides to grow your business.
Leverage training and development programs for your businesses and staff to enhance your business practices and upgrade skill sets and enhance the talent pool of your organization.
Receive regular updates on industry matters, policies, topics of interest and shared learning as well as information to address and resolve business issues through our newsletter, website and various promotional activities and programmes exclusively and thoughtfully designed to meet today’s challenging times.


As a prudent & prominent trade body that advocates LGD trade & industry and bring LGD on a single global platform. Being an umbrella body, the Council is capable enough to amplify, highlight create a proper environment for LGD trade & industry.