Know More about LGDJPC

Lab Grown Diamond and Jewellery Promotion Council (LGDJPC) is a global forum to promote all those Improvement, Development, Advancement and a Protection measures for LGD in any and every form say manufacturing & rough stone and up to a use in jewellery and reaching to end user or consumer.

A membership with LAB-GROWN allows you to extend your reach across Business Segments & Beneficial Relationships.

Our Mission

The LGDJPC shoulders a mission to ensure the trade & industry to run and grow hassle free across the globe! The council has a mission to convince buyer to go for green jewellery, green sparkle!

Our Vision

LGDJPC envisions the LGD trade & industry to be a great fashion & luxury market statement. Major factor to set a fashion trend time to time and to introduce a great revolution in the pattern of wearing jewellery because there is huge scope to introduce a range of wearable gadgets in jewellery!

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