As of today LGDJPC represents about 35K members globally. The membership of the council represents the interests of over 35K LGD fraternity & end-users, about 5000 Exhibitors, over 100 allied service providers to LGD trade-n-industry across the globe! This is representing entire spectrum of LGD that includes widely, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, allied product-n-services, gold, silver, platinum, other metals for fashion jewellery, related machinery, tech-n-tools for LGD & jewellery! Say membership is open to all those are a part of LGD value chain or LGD pipeline!

Why to be a member of council?

As a prudent & prominent trade body that advocates LGD trade & industry and bring LGD on a single global platform. Being an umbrella body, the Council is capable enough to amplify, highlight create a proper environment for LGD trade & industry. The LGDJPC have enough programmes for various key potential markets for LGD and members can explore the advantage of market study, report and generic promotions!

Endeavor of the Council is to represent entire value chain & LGD pipeline at a time to ensure the industry & trade to preform legitimate, transparent & in the accordance of buyer trust! Being a member one may explore the advantage of the Council and enjoy abandoned buyer trust!

Activities to understand buyer, market, trends may help member to carry a best business practice, allows own growth with market growth amid healthy competition though the global may face severe-n-hyper competition!

The Council is all about to facilitate members by offering a relevant dynamic business environment, supporting in narrowing gaps between markets and manufacturing, narrowing the gap between buyer & market!

Being a unified body, the Council may provide information to members when they require knowing about any player of the LGD pipeline! Say, if trader wishes to know about LGD manufacturer of its’ interest, if member LGD manufacturer needs to know mass LGD jewellery producer of any specific market area or region!

All ease of business is available at the Council. Exchange of knowledge & information through Council’s desk for the growth-n-development of LGD trade & industry!

A membership with the Council allow member to extend their reach across business segments and explore win-win benefit of networking! Be a part of foremost and eminent trade body of the LGDJPC!

  1. The Council provides members numerous programmes and services to increase networking opportunities and connect with the best in the trade at domestic and international trade.
  2. The Council shall undertake various issues that affect the trade with the related governments, officials in a persuasive and unified manner.
  3. To develop solutions and plans to address the various issues related to the LGD fraternity; protecting the industry against socio-economic downturns & conditions.
  4. Be a part of meetings, programmes and annual convention that encourage exposure to new ideas, trends, policies and trade related development. Obtain trade oriented reports.
  5. Leverage the training and development programs for LGD businesses and their staff to enhance your business best practices and upgrade your skill and talent pool.
  6. Avail offers a prudent network with national and international trade & commerce!
  7. Being a member be a part of Council’s activities & grow well!
  8. Avail as a member a platform across the globe & sort out common grievances, share common goal, to support, protect, extend and define the right of trade.
  9. To educate latest development in the area of LGD trade having importance on earnings, livelihood of workers, artisans’ karigars, and owners as well as provide training and guidance for development of new skills.
  10. Avail aid, help, assist, encourage the advancement and furtherance of LGD trade
  11. Avail all types of training, information, convening when thought necessary or expedient, conferences, seminars, events, exhibition and trade fairs by meeting.
  12. The council shall undertake and carry out promotions by newspaper publication, advertisements, magazine, brochures, journals or other modes of promotion either through electronic and print media and member can avail time to time!
  13. The Council focuses to undertake enquiries and actions for securing redress for legitimate grievances of LGD trade & industry workers, artisan, karigars, owners will be available for member.
  14. Time to time the Council will send delegation or invite delegation and take all such activities for the expansion of LGD trade & commerce and member can avail.
  15. Being a member avail right support to develop their business operations through various intervention such capacity building, product and design development, infrastructure, institutional design and marketing support.
  16. Being a unified body, the Council would maintain and expand a library of books and publication of statistically, economical, commercial, industrial interest so as diffuse knowledge and information on various aspects LGD trade & industry and that can explore by a member.
  17. For the smooth running of Council & to cater every member in a proper manner various representative offices & centers would be setting up. Member can be an active part of the center organization to support other members and he also can avail the benefits of the center.


As a prudent & prominent trade body that advocates LGD trade & industry and bring LGD on a single global platform. Being an umbrella body, the Council is capable enough to amplify, highlight create a proper environment for LGD trade & industry.