Know More about LGDJPC

Lab Grown Diamond and Jewellery Promotion Council (LGDJPC) is a global forum to promote all those Improvement, Development, Advancement and a Protection measures for LGD in any and every form say manufacturing & rough stone and up to a use in jewellery and reaching to end user or consumer.

Council Statement

Shashikant D Shah - Chairman

Lab Grown Diamond and Jewellery Promotion Council (LGDJPC) is an international trade body for the promotion and growth of LGD gem-n-jewellery trade & industry across the globe. LGDJPC is established in India in the year of 2015 to promote, facilitate and grow LGD commerce & industry.

The council serves as an interface between government and the industry, actively engaging in dialogue, meetings and making prudent presentations to various officials in addressing industry issues, proposing and collaborating on initiatives for the growth & development of this sector.

Being a responsible trade body LGDJPC endeavors to ensure the best business practice with transparency to remain a green trade. For smooth running of the industry & trade the Council is committed to set related norms, standards and standard business practices.

Since inception, the council has played a vital role in accelerating a growth & transformation of the industry & trade to come under the umbrella body LGDJPC to be more organised, more professional & with more transparent ethical business practice to create a wider fashion and luxury segment for LGD.

Actually the LGDJPC is convinced the infinite scope of LGD in the fashion & luxury market! With all technical advantage of LGD that can offer stunning jewellery and artefacts made of. And to offer fashion related products, fashion-n-trend related product the Council is eying to promote skill and designing.

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