To remain a non- profitable and non-political body for the unbiased performance of the Council.

To represents the LGD trade & industry issues in the global arena & to ensure smooth running of the trade & industry.

To Promote LGD by participating in a various national level events to carry a promotional activities.

To undertake various market activities to uplift LGD demand and to incorporate LGD buying experience to end user.

To promote proficient trade practice, by structuring high quality standards in every aspect of business.

To develop, promote & undertake entrepreneurship encouragement programme for the wider trading platforms across the globe!

Every day to keep members’ updated about LGD trade & industry through a dedicated website, social media presence & various promotional activities.

To provide further assistance to members of the council, stakeholders, sponsors, end user to ensure LGD manufacturing to maintain the highest international standard in the coming days.

To promote and ensure safe and secure working environment for its large workforce of LGD trade & industry.

To undertake a support programme for members run hassle free trade-n-commerce by trade delegation, market visit, buyer seller meet, as well as thorough market research report, trend report, industry guidelines et. al

The Council to set up & remain as organised business, professional trade and one-up attitude of the trade-n-industry

To construct an international standard convention center in Mumbai to exhibit and showcase global LGD stone-n-jewellery to the largest global market India.

To form a single minded body of worldwide LGD and jewellery show’s Exhibitors/Visitors/Service providers and sponsors to spread LGD products widely!

To encourage various LGD trade associations & groups to carry a various LGD promotional themes!

To undertake various CSR activities and to carry a generic LGD marketing & promotional activities time to time.

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