Lab Grown Diamond and Jewellery Promotion Council (LGDJPC) is a global forum to promote all those Improvement, Development, Advancement and a Protection measures for LGD in any and every form say manufacturing & rough stone and up to a use in jewellery and reaching to end user or consumer.

Vision Statement

LGDJPC envisions the LGD trade & industry to be a great fashion & luxury market statement. Major factor to set a fashion trend time to time and to introduce a great revolution in the pattern of wearing jewellery because there is huge scope to introduce a range of wearable gadgets in jewellery!

Mission Statement

LGDJPC shoulders a mission to ensure the trade & industry to run and grow hassle free across the globe! The council has a mission to convince buyer to go for green jewellery, green sparkle!

Council Statement

Lab Grown Diamond and Jewellery Promotion Council (LGDJPC) is an international trade body for the promotion and growth of LGD gem-n-jewellery trade & industry across the globe. LGDJPC is established in India in the year of 2015 to promote, facilitate and grow LGD commerce & industry


World’s 1st ever brand new international Exhibition ‘LDJS 2019 – The Lab-Grown Expo’ was scheduled from 9th to 12th August 2019 in Mumbai at Shaila lawn, Opposite Bombay Exhibition Centre, Nesco Goregaon Mumbai. The council had executed an ambitious plan and includes a widespread campaign to promote the Lab-grown, CVD, HPHT, treated diamond and B2B jewellery Brands. 70 + Lab-Grown Diamond Brands participated and 5000+ buyers visited this show.

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Laboratory Grown Diamond (LGD) is a diamond which is not mined yet it has been processed with technology by using all those elements of mined diamond, including a use of pure Carbon is LGD. Be that a technique of high pressure and high temperature (HPHT) or Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) or else technique which may developed in future technology!

LAB-GROWN is the country’s most comprehensive representation of the various industry constituents and the entire value chain, from retail to manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, exporters, allied, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, machinery, knowledge & technology, etc.

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hot in Lab-Grown

Since the difference between Natural diamonds and lab-grown diamonds

As we know the diamond are classified in to two type of diamonds i.e. Type I and Type II this classification is based on amount of Nitrogen present in the diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds & The Future of the Diamond Industry

This the choicest part of the report that published by International Grown Diamond Association (IDGA),


As a prudent & prominent trade body that advocates LGD trade & industry and bring LGD on a single global platform. Being an umbrella body, the Council is capable enough to amplify, highlight create a proper environment for LGD trade & industry.